The following are experts in their own fields of medicine and have read and amended the contents of this training manual. Their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

Mr Roger Ackroyd
Consultant Surgeon, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Dr John West
Consultant Cardiologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Dr Rod Lawson
Consultant Respiratory Physician, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Dr Andy Gibson
Consultant Neurologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Dr Mike Snaith
Senior Lecturer in Rheumatology, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Dr Derek Cullen
Retired Consultant Endocrinologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Dr Nusrat Mir
Consultant Psychiatrist, Sheffield Care Trust.
Miss Fiona Kew
Consultant Gynaecologist, Jessop Wing, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Mrs Helen Till
Senior Resuscitation Officer, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Mr Senathirajah Muruganinrajah
ENT Surgeon, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Mr David Squirrel
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Miss Julia Dicks
SpR in Breast Surgery, Doncaster Royal Infirmary.
Dr Gail Moss
Consultant Paediatrician, Sheffield Childrens Hospital.
Dr David Moore
Consultant Radiologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr Jon Silversides
SpR in Anaesthesia, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.
(Author of ‘Assessment of the acutely ill patient’)
Dr Smitha Rajaran
Consultant Radiologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.
Author of ‘Top-Tips for Chest X-Rays

Some ‘Top Tips’ have been adapted from the Student BMJ with permission from the BMJ Publishing Group.

Medical mnemonics have been copied/adapted from:


'Approaches' were written by Dr Alastair Wardrope and Dr Ellen Newberry and edited by Dr Jenny Hosty. Their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.